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Please visit our resources for parents and youth related to child ADHD, ADD, or other issues. We provide this as a compliment to the content on our site and can't guarantee the accuracy of information contained in other websites. Please check back often as we are always finding more resources to add to our list of ADHD resources.

Teen Depression - Site contains information on depression statistics, warning signs, and treatment. Includes many quality articles on depression

Childhood Depression - Site for parents that includes stats, facts, signs, and causes of child depression and other related topics.  If you have a depressed child - get them help - find a local therapist or see your local physician to get them depression treatment as soon as possible.

For statistics and facts on heroin abuse visit - includes the facts/stats, warning signs of use, drug history, overview, and treatment options for those with a drug problem. If you know someone with a heroin or other drug problem - get them help. Find a drug treatment center as soon as possible.  This site has valuable statistics on teen drug use for parents. 


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